about us

Applied Industrial Machining was founded in 1986 and led by two partners, Bob Gilson and Mike Drain, who remain active in the leadership of the company today. Located in Oklahoma City, Applied operates from a 50,000 square feet facility, with a full complement of state-of-the-art machines.

Our team of trained machinists and support staff members serve as the backbone of Applied Industrial Machining. The combined tenure and expertise of this team enables us to add value to our clients, beyond simply turning and milling parts. Our customers often work collaboratively with us to prototype and develop products that we produce on their behalf. We operate two shifts daily and a weekend shift, and can adjust our team’s workflow and schedule to meet the unique time requirements of our customers in the oilfield industry.

We take pride in the depth and tenure of our customer relationships and the role we play in their success. We provide consistent, high-quality products and services, in the timeframes to which we commit and at fair and reasonable rates. Partnering with Applied Industrial Machining is a move no customer ever regrets.

For more information on Applied Industrial Machining, or to request a quote, please contact our head of sales, Ralph Peterson.